Lei Hulu of California

Was incorporated in the State of California in 1983. It was founded by the late Aunty Mary Kahihilani Duarte-Kovich with a purpose to preserve the cultural heritage of Hawai'i by perpetuating the knowledge and the art of ancient Hawaiian feathercraft. Each week, Lei Hulu conducts instructional classes free, to anyone interested in learning this unique and noble art.

  Lei Hulu's Objectives
are to maintain this tradition of feathercraft by creating an awareness for an art long preserved by the Hawaiian people. Weekly classes provide a vehicle for transferring this ancient art to others regardless of native origin with an emphasis on those of Hawaiian ancestry and organizations that provide service to the Hawaiian community.


  Each Year, Lei Hulu Participates
in the annual Pacific Islander Festival (held the first weekend in May) by conducting hands-on demonstrations of featherwork in the Hawaiian Village. At the annual Ho'olaule'a at Northridge Park, Lei Hulu has a food booth that sells Laulau and rice, pua'a kalua with cabbage and rice, breakfast meals (SPAM and/or Portuguese sausage and eggs), SPAM Musubi, Opihi and more.

  Other Activities Include
Participation in the annual Ho'olaule'a at Alondra Park (July of each year), participation in the annual Ho'oulu Lahui Cultural Fair in the City of Carson (the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year), an annual Las Vegas trip the first weekend in December as well as conducting lei hulu workshops throughout Southern California and for local halau. Lei Hulu also takes orders for special leis.

Lei Hulu is open to anyone interested in learning. For more information, please contact us at the following address:

Lei Hulu of California 206 East 220th Street Carson, CA 90745

2010 - 2012 

President: Lokelani Richert
Vice President : Evelyn Kingen
Secretary: Kym Bishop
Treasurer: Diane Gonzalez
Trustees: Joanne Klein
Kalena Schultz
Vivian Tadsen